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What is my credit score? -How to find

When they reach the age of 18 years and can ask our first credit card, which is a big thing in our lives. Not only is a big step, but can also affect your future and your credit down the road.

There are a lot of guys who think they know how to use a credit card, but really, don’t. Don’t always know that they have to pay it off in full to avoid interest rates, do not know about the fees that sometimes come along with them, who pay late or missing a payment can ruin your credit for years, or even some cards can reward you with certain things as cash back or gift cards.

When it comes to credit cards and your credit future, there is much to learn. Many things affect your score. Just missing a payment a couple of times, paying late, do not pay the minimum balance or by opening multiple accounts can hurt your score. It is important to know how your score ranges from things I do. It is also important to learn what is the credit score range. What is a good score, what is a score OK, how bad a score where they can’t get loans or good rates? This is all stuff that you learn over time, but for now, I’m going to tell you how to understand your score now.

Web sites: you want to search the Internet for legitimate Web sites. These sites generally have a good PR at the top, it has a good reputation and only good things said about them.

I recommend that before you sign up with a Web site and before giving your info, check for reviews on that particular site. There are too many scams out there and to help you discover your credit score, you have to give your social security number. In this way, which can be dangerous if given to a fraudster or put it in the hands of someone who should not have it.

But, most websites are legitimate and will give you your score in just a few minutes to fill in your information. Do your research and check reviews and go with a site that looks safe and one you’ve heard before.

As you can see, there are many ways to find out your score as well as on the Internet. Just make sure that you always be careful when giving away your information.

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